React JS Masterclass: Zero To Job Ready With Projects
React JS Masterclass: Zero To Job Ready With Projects cover

React JS Masterclass: Zero To Job Ready With Projects

Certificate: Included

Instructor: Shubham Sarda

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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Welcome to React JS Masterclass, one single course to start your React journey as a beginner step-by-step. This course touches on each and every important topic through concept explanation, documentation, and implementation. The entire course is designed for beginners with one goal in mind, to learn concepts and build React projects.

Throughout the course, we will explore the most important React topics step-by-step:

  • JSX and components
  • State and props
  • Event handling
  • Built-in hooks (e.g. useState, useEffect, useCallback, useRef)
  • Working with forms, validations, and handling form data.
  • Client-side routing with React Router
  • Work with multiple API and handle data for projects
  • Integrating with other libraries and frameworks (e.g. Redux)
  • Testing and debugging React applications using popular libraries like Jest, RTL and React DevTools.
  • DOM manipulation and manipulating the Virtual DOM
  • Server-side rendering
  • Optimizing the performance of React application
  • Best practices for structuring and organizing React projects
  • Building and deploying production-ready React applications, including code splitting and optimization techniques.

Other Concepts:

  • Building and using advanced Custom Hooks
  • Styling with Tailwind CSS
  • Integrating Context & Reducers
  • Building mock backend with JSON Server & JSON Server Auth
  • Integrating Firebase storage as well as authentication
  • Project deployment on Netlify using Git & Github
  • Integrating external libraries: Toastify & React Skeleton

Why this course?

  • Complete course is focused on the concept learning approach, you learn every concept through a logical and visual learning approach.
  • Learn all important concepts in the simplest possible way with examples and real-life projects.
  • You need HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge, we will cover everything about React step-by-step from scratch.
  • The course is designed for developers who have some experience with JavaScript and web development and want to learn how to build dynamic, responsive user interfaces using React.

After completing this course you will be ready to work as an Intern, Fresher, or Freelancer and you will also be able to implement everything yourself! Most importantly you will have the potential to build, test and deploy your own projects. 

Enroll now, I will make sure you learn best about React.

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